Our Programs

At PromiseLand Learning Center we specialize in providing childcare based on core values such as honesty, integrity and kindness. Learn more about our core programs here at PromiseLand Learning Center.



Babies are the Heartbeat of Our Program

The infant program at PromiseLand Learning Center is our heartbeat.  Experienced, loving teachers create a warm and happy place for babies to grow and thrive.  Respect, responsiveness and reciprocity build the base for excellent care we provide for infants. Teachers work together with parents to make sure our infant room is an extension of the great care you provide at home.

Children learn best when they are given a chance to freely play. Our role is to provide our infants with an environment that supports play, encourage their interactions and support problem solving. Safety is key, so exploring, discovering and learning can come naturally.

Our infant rooms are designed to encourage safety interactions and to support play. Caregivers move around providing them the little nudge they need to be confident and experiment in a caring loving way.

Young infants (6 weeks to about 7 months old) and mobile infants (7-12 months old) share different spaces allowing crawlers to move freely and the youngsters to have their “tummy time” with no interruption.

Infants have the opportunity to interact with each other and teachers in both rooms so transitions are made naturally and peacefully from Young to Mobile infant rooms.



Toddlers Are Adventurers, Fearless and Fun!

Our Toddler program is inspired by their desire to explore and discover. Toddlers are active adventurers who are always one step ahead of us, fearless explores who are mesmerized by the world around them.

Our job is to support, inspire and encourage their natural curiosity, assuring their safety and providing them with the tools they need to have meaningful experiences they can learn from.

Observing is key in this process, teachers are in tune with their children so they can capture their thoughts and what can sparkle new learning experiences. The teaching is intentional and all the material that is incorporated to their daily activities is meant to give opportunities for learning about a topic in many different ways, so the new information acquired may be captured in a meaningful way.

Children are exposed to letters, numbers, shapes and colors daily, not in a fragmented way but the way we see around us, everywhere and with a purpose.




The perfect time for a personality blossoming and how incredible it is to observe independence being born. Language takes a very prominent place at this age improving children’s ability to communicate their feelings and needs. It’s also a particular time for self-awareness and great opportunities for parents and teachers to work together to help children build self-confidence.

So many challenges seem to appear for parents and teachers of two year olds.At the same time it’s so rewarding to watch them gaining independence and improving their vocabulary day by day.

More than ever it’s a great time to keep the communication opened and work as a team to manage the challenges and support children’s self-confidence and independence.

Through posted lesson plans, potty charts and newsletters we are able to exchange important information daily and formal or informal meetings between parents and teachers are a key to success when dealing with this age group.

At PLC we are confident that you will find the perfect atmosphere for your child to grow and blossom.



“It takes a Village to raise a child.”

That statement comes to life when you search around and realize how much effort is put into getting your child ready for Kindergarten.

Our Pre-K Program is a joint effort. It combines: great certified teachers, an effective curriculum, meaningful experiences and lots of training and mentoring.

We are proud to be part of a program called Texas School Ready.

TSR was developed and implemented by the Early Childhood Education Department of the University of Texas in Houston and Austin Independent School District.

The project provides cutting-edge professional development, mentoring, child-progress monitoring and research-based curriculum materials.

For more information on TSR go to: www.childrenslearninginstitute.org